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ละเลงโดย วันอังคาร 16 กันยายน 2008

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Good morning, after noon, evening … everyone… 😎

Today, I have one plant at home which I would really like to share with you all. It’s Japanese Fern Tree. :happy: Ones might have heard the term Fern or Fern Tree before. But that is not the same as this distinguished living organism. Fern Tree and Japanese Fern Tree are not even distant relatives. This shrubby tree has very cool leaves. They look as if being made of plastic or such substance. :biggrin: With glossiness of the foliage, almost-perfect roundness of the canopy and bushiness of the tree itself, lots of people are desirous of possessing this significant species and having it thrived in their lawn. :heart: I have had this lovely member for a couple of years now, as far as I can recall. It is a fast-growing plant (from the text, but not from a real life !!). I have also tried to layer it once but my attempt to do so failed. Hahahahaha…  Anyway, I hope you enjoy getting to know more about this very plant from my pictures below. Japanese Fern Tree is not so availale in the market, and the price is still relatively high. …..Sit back !!!!! :whistle:

Filicium decipiens

Filicium decipiens




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